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Two photos of the applicant must be uploaded:
-Portrait photo (4x6cm): Looking straight and without glasses.
-Passport data page: Full page including photo, personal information and ICAO lines.

Inviting or guaranteeing agencies or organizations must follow these steps:
Provide the required information of the foreign applicant to the form, confirm and pay for Vietnam e-Visa fee to complete the procedure.

Vietnamese citizens are not allowed to guarantee for a foreigner’s to stay in Vietnam with Vietnam e-Visa. Foreigners must apply for Vietnam e-Visa either by themselves or through a guaranteeing agency or organization in Vietnam.

After entering Vietnam by Vietnam e-Visa, you can request an agency/organization/individual in Vietnam to guarantee your stay and apply on your behalf for a new visa at the Vietnam Immigration Department in accordance with Section 1, Article 16 of the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam.

Two options are available to answer queries:
Option 1: Check for more information on the FAQs page.
Option 2: Send your queries via the email support : or Call hotline: (+84)-366-224-888.

To check Vietnam e-Visa result, follow these guideline:
- Check your email to see your order for Vietnam E-visa after fill in the form and pay

- Check your email to see Vietnam E-visa after 3 working days

- 3 working days after making the order, if you still not get the email with Vietnam E-visa letter, you can reply email about order confirmation or send email to to ask for that.

- In urgent case, you can make a call if need to hotline support number: (+84)-366-224-888

According to Vietnam Law, the visa expiry date must be at least 30 days before the passport expiry date. Therefore, Vietnam e-Visa expiry date must also be at least 30 days before the passport expiry date.

Vietnam e-Visa is single entry and valid for a maximum of 30 days.

Vietnam e-Visa is processed within 03 working days after the Vietnam Immigration Department receives the completed application and full e-Visa fee.

Vietnam is currently launching a pilot e-Visa system for citizens from 80 countries. The list of countries that allowed E-visa issuing HERE.

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