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How to apply Vietnam E-Visa online?


Vietnamese visa is a kind of travel documents granted by Vietnamese competent authorities, providing permission to travel and enter Vietnam.

An electronic visa (E-visa) is one of visa types issued to foreigners by Vietnamese Immigration Department via electronic system. Vietnam E-visa is valid for maximum of 30 days, single entry. With this kind of visa, you just need print out E-Visa and travel to Vietnam (by airports, land ports, sea ports), no need prepare entry & exit form, no need to get stamp visa at the port or at Embassy, no need bring photos or any other documents. (Because all of them you did when you ordered E-Visa online already). You just spend few mins and only 1 step at the port, that is showing and check for validity of E-Visa, save your time and proceduces when you arrival.

Outside Vietnam foreigners who want to enter Vietnam can personally apply for E-visa on our offical website: EVISATOVIETNAM.ORG.

E-visa fee is paid via electronic payment gateway as prescribed by the Immigration Department. The fee will not be refunded in case the applicant is refused to grant e-visa.

Click here to see the list of Countries that allowed E-visa Vietnam.

Click here to see the list of ports which accept for E-visa Vietnam.


Step 1: Fill out the application form 

Fill out the secure online form your passport information correctly as:

+ Fullname

+ Date of birth

+ Nationality

+ Passport Number

+ Date of arrival


Step 2: Pay and receive confirmation

After fill out all your information, you will be asked for payment of service fee, You can settle the payment online with your credit card or debit card,

Then you will get confirmation via mail and double check all information. make sure all your information are correct.

Step 3: Get Vietnam E-Visa if it is approval.

Receive Vietnam E-Visa approval via mail maximum in 3 working days.

Step 4: Get Vietnam E-visa approval at the port.

Prepare necessary documents to get approval for E-visa at the port by only 1 step: Show the E-visa at the port. They will approval for you in few mins and no need any documents or procedures. No need prepare for entry & exit form, no need stamp visa, no need photos.


Why E-visa is more popular than getting visa at the Consulate/ Embassy or VOA? The simple answer are:

1)    This seem to be the best way to get Vietnam Visa now if you want to avoid complicated procedure.

2)    The processing time is faster, maximum is 3 working days.

3)    There are payment methods to choose such as Credit Card or Debit Card Online Secure.

4)    No need sending your passport or any documents

5)    Getting visa through a computer with internet access or electronic device has Wi-Fi or 3G as IPhone or IPad to save time and money to move.

6)    Your information is secured by one of the best secured system 128/256 bit SSL encryption, so you can rest assured that personal information is not reveal with anyone.

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